AZ CREDIT Specialization

Providing accounting and tax services connected with mergers and acquisition

AZ CREDIT has been processing commercial company tranformations in the framework of its services. In cooperation with its partners, AZ CREDIT prepares materials required for the main types of commercial company transformations: mergers, de-mergers, tranfers of property to an associate, changes in legal form.

Accountancy and payroll management for companies in insolvency and/or liquidation

AZ CREDIT cooperates with insolvency administrators and provides them with accounting and tax obligations including payroll and personnel records for those in an insolvency process.

Accountancy and payroll management services for societies and trade unions

AZ CREDIT provides accountancy, payroll management including personnel record administration for not-for-profit organizations and companies.

Economic consultancy

AZ CREDIT , in the framework of economic consultancy, primarily focuses on:

  • Preperation of financial statements for bank credit applicants and the provision of guarantees
  • Consultancy for possible insolvency and insolvency assets/estate?
  • Consultancy when preparing a company for insolvency procedures
  • Accountancy administration of a company in insolvency
  • zpracování účetnictví firmy v insolvenci
  • Comprehensive provision of economic, accounting and tax services for assets involved in an insolvency process/estate administrators
  • Cooperation with auditors and legal advisors